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Bogomolets National Medical University

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On 4-8 August 2017, Bogomolets National Medical University was visited by the Head of the Department of Transplant Immunology & Immunogenetics, Professor D. K. Mitra PhD from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, Republic of India. AIIMS is one of the best higher medical institutions of India, which has a solid educational base and powerful scientific and research potential.

Currently, over 300 citizens of India are students of Bogomolets National Medical University.

Thus, first of all, Prof. D.K. Mitra visited the Dean’s office for training foreign students. There he met with the Dean Assoc. Prof. Volodymyr Sulik, First Deputy Dean Assoc. Prof. Tetiana Timokhina and Deputy Dean Tetiana Lakhtadyr. It is the Dean’s office where foreign students ask for assistance in solving various issues in study affairs, living in dormitory, migration issues etc.

The Vice-Rector on scientific-pedagogical, medical work and postgraduate education, Professor Oleksandr Naumenko presented to Professor D. K. Mitra work process of Admission Board in NMU, also conducted a tour of morphological museum, lecture classrooms and told about significant historical moments in the history of the University. Deputy dean of the Faculty on training foreign citizens, Assistant professor of human anatomy, Tetiana Lakhtadyr demonstrated the unique exhibits of the anatomical Museum of the Bogomolets National Medical University.

Due to the interest of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in the implementation of future projects for interdisciplinary clinical collaboration on problems of different directions surgery of Bogomolets National Medical University, Professor D. K. Mitra met with the head of the Department of Surgery No. 4, Professor Volodymyr Mishalov. Scientists have shared development issues and advances in clinical and experimental work of both universities.

They discussed a number of proposals for cooperation in the sphere of joint research projects and gaining new experience. Head of Surgery Department No. 4, Professor Volodymyr Mishalov spoke about the main areas of work at the Department, as well as the latest technology of cellular medicine, showed Department of general surgery and vascular surgery. In the company of Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Professor Olga Golubovska, the guest visited the Department of Infectious Diseases. Professor D. K. Mitra noted that the problem of spread of infectious diseases in India determines the direction of the fight with them as leading one.


The university consists of: administration, education, scientific, medical diagnostic, economic and auxiliary divisions.

The main scientific academic units of the university, which train students and post-gradute students in related specialities are the faculties. The faculty includes clinical departments, as well as the departments in which humanitarian, socio-economic and fundamental disciplines are studied.


University Flag is a blue rectangular cloth. In the center of the flag there is a small insignia of Vinnytsya — rectangular shield, on the top of which in red field — the gold cross, the lower part of the cross is divided and passes into two ramified from each other hooks: one — to the left, the other — to the right, two crossed outwards sword blades; in the lower part of the shield in blue field — on an open book a bowl with wrapped snake (a book — a source of knowledge; bowl with wrapped snake — a symbol of labor of representatives of the most humane profession in the world).

1st Year$6800
2nd Year$4200 

Services included

  • Tuition fee
  • Health insurance.
  • Hostel fee.

The training at the University includes pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate periods of study. Foreign students are trained at the International Faculty No. 1 for further studies at higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

During their training at the University both Ukrainian and foreign students get higher education for the Specialist’s and Master’s degrees (“General Medicine”, “Pediatrics”, “Dentistry”, “Pharmacy”, “Technology of Perfume-Cosmetic Preparations”).

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