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Lugansk State Medical University

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Luhansk State Medical University (Луганський державний медичний університет) was founded in 1956 in Luhansk, Ukraine. Initially known as the Voroshilovgrad State Medical Institute (Ворошиловградский государственный медицинский институт), it got university status in 1994. [1] In 1979 the then institute started postgraduate training, and since 1983, it started training foreign students in pediatrics, recruiting students from Middle Eastern countries (Iran, Iraq); Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco); And Asia (India, Malaysia, Singapore). In 1998, the university opened schools of Pharmacy and Dentistry. The University has three academic buildings with scientific laboratories, a pharmacy, a dental clinic, a library and a fitness center, and has operated many clinics in various medical institutions of Luhansk.

There are 22 clinical and 18 theoretical professors, including 76 doctors of science, and over 400 instructors; Over 87% of its instructors hold high scientific degrees. Most programs are taught in English or Russian as a medium of instruction. [1] The research focus of the University is on the development and application of medical life support for casualties on the medical aspects of ecological problems in the industrially heavily Donbass area and for man-made disasters. The University publishes several scientific journals and anthropology. By 2012, the university had more than 3,000 students from more than 60 countries. Graduates are eligible for the ECFMG certification of the United States and are eligible for certification in Canada and many other countries after passing the medical licensing exam in one of these countries.

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Founded on May 6, 1956 as the Voroshilovgrad State Medical Institute, in pursuance of the Decree 2522 of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine, the first rector of the institute, Ivan Danilovich Vachhenko, was the acting principal of Desezinsk Regional Hospital.

Prof. Fred Ignatowich Palchevskyz, MD succeeded, who led the institute from 1957 to 1960. Pilchvus was a World War II veteran who was a graduate of the Kiev Medical Institute, who later changed the name of Bogotës National Medical University. Under his leadership, the academic staff and students of the institute were organized for the first time as an academic council and a student society.

From 1960 to 1963, PhD, who led the institute, was a graduate of Ph.D. Dimitrovich Powellitsa Kharkiv National Medical University and also fought in World War II. He played an important role in developing the Institute’s clinical site.

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